Art of Break-Up

The sole purpose of a romantic relationship, for long, has been, to satisfy sexual emotion of each of constituents taking part. Many a times, this simple reason has been sugar-coated to sound better by naming it ‘Love’.

In pursuit of a man to gain fame and pride from peers, situation has it that; he can’t be caged in one nest. Thus, he moves from one lady to the other, doing that which he feels will make him ‘That Guy’. Then, varnish in thin air.

On the other hand, a woman pursues love. In desperate moment to achieve this, she succumbs to the traps laid by a man, thus, sex.

As at per this moment, Betrayal creeps in, pride follows, both of you raise issues of money, jealousy couples it up, and finally communication failure.

The man continues to prey while the woman experiences withdrawal symptoms which sees her land in the arms of another seemingly caring individual; Cheating.

In one way, and another, this leads to that and that which seemed to be in the dark is exposed. You realize the worst of the other and picket it in a conflict.

Finally, you both say, “It is over” and let go.


Thus, the Art behind Break-Up.




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